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Candle Magick
What is Wicca
The Pentogram


Taking Heat
1. Take your left hand and circle it anti-clockwise over the heat.
2. Chant "cool the fire."
Object protection
1. With your first and middle fingers trace a pentogram over the object.
2. Visualize electric blue or purple flames coming from your fingers.
3. Chant as you trace the pentogram "with this pentogram i do lay protection heare both night and day and to the one who should not touch let their fingers burn and twitch i know envoke thee: so mote it be"
Cat Talking
1. Look at the cat and tap it three times in between the ears.
2. Chant "Tail of rat, wing of bat allow this cat to chit and chat"
Grow Hair
1. infront of a mirror hold the area where you want the hair to grow.
2. Chant 3 times "strech it twist it make it grow like a river let it flow three times fast shall this hair grow this is my will so mote it be."
Weight loss
1. Infront of a mirror hold your stomach.
2. Chant " goddess hear my plead make me the weight i want to head. This size is too big for me. a size (the size you want to be)i want to be so mote it be!"
1. Chant "quiet mind now be still focus on what i now will no scattering or through dissnsion i order you to pay attention bring clear focus to details enlarge them to scale attend each project one by one grant clarity 'till work is done"
Help study
1. Have the material that you need to study infront of you.
2. chant "facts and figures rules and laws. fill my mind and give me cause to answer questions fulfill tasks and know the things, i shall be asked. when i'm challenge give me aid to recieve a passing grade. all this knowledge stay with me/ as is my will so mote it be."
Make chpres easier
1. Chant before doing chores "bad energy out good energy in with this attitude i will win infuse these (the chores to be done) with white light i am filled with power and might"
Good Grades
1. Before taking a test draw a pentogram on the test (i draw it at the end of my name)
2. Chant on this test i take today i recieve no less than an A earth, wind, fire and sea as i say so mote it be."
Ending depression
1. Chant three times "blessed mother turn your face see with love this emty space renew my heart with love or life remove me from this pain and strife."
Summon spirits
1. chant "Spirits hear my cry i summon you from the other side come to me and cross the great divide."